VR Experience


 For its 40th anniversary in 2019, outdoor retailer Globetrotter is spending around 2 million euros on its birthday activities and creating a virtual reality experience that brings the motto "We celebrate outdoors" to life indoors.










An expedition created by Hyper Reality - the combination of real objects, sound, jerk plates, air conditioners and wind machines and an extremely elaborately designed virtual reality world in a transportable 36-square-metre box touring Germany.








Equipped with VR glasses and a mobile backpack, the participants experienced 40 years of Globetrotter history in a kind of museum. Afterwards, they went through a secret cave passage to the Huashan Trail: a narrow path made of wooden planks that winds around the Huasahn mountain in China at dizzying heights. The hyper-reality adventure is crowned by a breathtaking balloon ride.





Art Direction

Storytelling; conception and design of the worlds, architecture, graphics and illustrations; 3D blocking of the worlds; team management; interface between technicians, 3D artist and compositing artist; idea development and resource planning.