AR you ready?



"AR you ready?" is the name of the augmented reality-based Pringles® digital campaign that we were allowed to implement for the snacking brand Pringles®.


There has hardly been anything comparable in this complexity on the German market before: Augmented reality technology transforms the Pringles® packaging into a mini game console. Anyone with a smartphone can play along. Trapped inside each can of the six most popular Pringles® flavours is a newly designed 3D-collectible that the user has to release.





The user arrives at a landing page via social media. Here he can select the desired flavour he wants to unlock. Then the AR mode starts and the real Pringles can is scanned. The packaging becomes a digital surface on the smartphone. The football game starts with a countdown. If the user wins, the collectibles belonging to the selected flavour are unlocked and saved in the user profile.


In addition, the user has the opportunity to participate in a competition that is launched on the landing page. Here he can take the chance to win one of a total of 72 3D printed real characters.




 In each Pringles can of the six most popular Pringles® flavors, a new designed 3D Collectible is caught, which the user has to unleash. Together the six are the Pringles® family: the grumpy original coach, the power referee, the highly concentrated goalkeeper, the elegant player’s wife, the crazy Pringles® saleswoman and the euphoric fan father. 


If the game is won and the character is freed, they step out of the digital box and cheer in their own personal way for a goal.





Those who redeem an AR Collectible have the chance to win it in a specially produced red gift box as a real, 15 centimetre high 3D printed collectible. 

A real rarity.





 The main component of the campaign for the game was digitally focused. But since 2022 was a year for football, the gamer target group was to be additionally surprised with an OOH campaign. For the launch of the gaming event, advertising pillars in major German cities were transformed into playable Pringles cans. This offered a unique experience with never-before-seen mechanisms and oversized collectible figures directly on the street - all by simply scanning the QR code on the advertising pillar.















Idea development & conception, art direction, character development with storyline, supervision look and animation, management of internal and external service providers, sparring for project management